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place... to take shortcuts. what to do if you can't afford that 3 p 3 a baltimore woman apollgizes for an offensive tweet abotu torrey smith.what she's saaing and.. the mistake that lead to one man being arrested over a burger. 3 3 3 thursday, september 27.
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3 3 the long nationallnightmare of rrplacement reeerees ii pver.... a new deal is n place to bring tte "n-f-l" field. joel d. mith is -33 llve at m&ttbank ssadium where browns onightt... and he has thh latest onnthe details of
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the deal. good morning joel d..... will the egular refs be back or tonight's game? good morning guys... yes! the ffrst game back for the refs will be ponight! ittwas important last night... because some felt it would be a competittve dis-advantage to the ravens and browns if they were the only teams playing with replacement officials this week.. most fans are hoping to see a very differentt kind of play iiside here tonigh. toniggt. not like the chippy ....sometimes nasty stuff players have been getting away with in the ffrst 3 weeks of the season. look at this tuff from monday night... that's even before that infamous last caallthat changed the outtome of the game. 3 so here's the eal... the nfl and officiils agree o an 8 yearrdeal. . average referee sallries will go from $149,000 a year in 2011 to $1773000 in 2013, rrsing to $205,000 bb
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2019. the referee pension plaa will remainnin place through 2216 and then will be frozen. it will beereplaced by a defined contribution agreement starting in 2017 that wwll feature contributions from the nfl of $18,000 per official (eventually increased to $23,000 per) along with aa partiallmatch of a 401(k). games were not whht the league is supposed to look like. they have lost control of the when i got into the leaguee . 3 cornerbacks could beat a receiverrup all the way down &ptte field. i watched philadelphia and balttmore aad it lookee like an episode of 'oz', you now out of the yard of a prison priionthe nff will have the officials beginning in 2211. the game tonight will have the regular referees. so no complaaninn! live at m&t bank stadium, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news.
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a patriots fan from baltimmre whootweeted an offensive coomenn about torrey smith's deceased brother during sunday's game... is apoligizing. on sunday katie moody rote... ""hey smith, how abouttyou call your brother and tell him about your wwn.. hhhh wait, too soon?"after much sociallmedia backlash... she tweetee this ap. apology. it eads in part..... "i profoundly regree myythoughtlees, ttsteless and the pain it caused.ply lament - employee at the johns hopkinss medical chool of medicine. since her controversialltweet wwet viral... people havv and e-mails calling for her too
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be on-line expert pays it's anothhr example that shows tteepower anddviral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media responsibility. (mr. whhte) "iimaybe, i have a heightened sense of awareness of his thiig, but it does come to me as very nieve forra person to think that whennthey putta pictureeon the internet, when they make a comment on the internet, when they share can be found and it will be sha" we've learned there are t. - several campaigns active on facebooo now tt gettmoody to leaae baltimore. a woman and a 4 year old child the loose this morning.they . 3 were shot nnar gorsuch avenuee police arrived ... the ssssect was gone. while they were trying to find out what happened with the woman, distance away.. the victims injuries are not believed to be life threatening.we have a call out to police for more
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informaaion and will bring you the latest as soon as itt becomes available. a high speed pursuit covering more than 30 miles comes to a sudden stop in north baltimore. this was the scene along o'clock, last night.the ssolen vehhcle state police say theyy were chasing ended up crashing intooa streettlight..the 17-year old driver was taken into uutody along with a 14- year old girl who police say is a runaway. the whole thing begannjusttnorth of the state pennsylvania.15 state police cars took paat in the purruit down i-83.therr are no reports of injuries. 3&homicide detectives are investigating the discovvry of a body in the inner harbbr... streets ii canton.the body of &pa man was found floating in &pthe water theree out oo ocean city... from a fire at the "bradley on thh bay" condo omplex... at 37th streettkimberry doyle senttthese pictures to started just afttr 6 wednesday
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evening.smoke could be seen for far... noo he's being sued forrsexual harrassment... and taxpayers are footinggthe bill for his 450-dolllr an hour attorney. john leopold's legal ill is - already more than 20 thoosand dollars.. for the lawsuit that &pa former county employee brought against him. until recently county attorneys were representinn him... but now a private attorney has beee hired because of a conflicttof interest.leopold maintains he did nothing wrong... but ppoving it will not come cheap. byylaw, he counny is on the hook to help leopold. therefore so are taxpayers. 3 pressure needs to be brought against leopold to resign and also for him tt pay or ittout of his own pocket. this is just an abuse of tte power of his office ann he is not serviin the peoplee ell and he money to payyfor thii especially at a time when pvery single budget in the state is straaped. :41 will not be expected to repay -
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his llgal ffes. damages are a different story.while state law requires the ounty to provide for leopoll's defense... if found guilty it would be the county execctive who would be exppcted ttopay up. a settlement is reached in a involving pepper-sprayed caliioonia.screaming nats nats you're looking at video fromm last november... when police used pepper spray to lear out annoccupy encampment. thh school is now offering to pay thhusandddollars each... as part of a proposed settlement. the college says the officer involved in the incident is no longer working at the uniivrsity. new scam... targeting seniors.theives arr etting their hands on personal information... like names and bank account nummers... then re-routing social security benefits o their own accounts. &ptime the social security admiinstration prepares to switth all beneficiaries to
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direct deposit... instead of nearly 16-hundded transport wwrkers union employees have accepted an early retirement offer... from american airlines. airlines.the airline says the "early out" offer could rrduce the nummer of furloughs needed &pdurinn itt bankruptcy pestructuring plan. &pmeenwhiie... the airline is still working on negotiations with its pilots nion... over its contracts. since september 16th... undreds of american aiiliies flights have been &dee pilotss clling in sick... or requests. a tennessee woman is suing soothwess airlines and a flight attendant... over hot tea.last december... she claims a flight aatendant hot... shh suffered secondd degree burns.shh claims the tea ssilled into her lap... leaving her permanently scarred. the woman is now seeking 8-hunddrd- thouuand-dollars in damages. an oreeon man is arrested... after his burger isn't requested.police say jayye ed..- when he got home... that's
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he callld the restaurant... and wasstold to come back for he says he was denied that &prefunn because the burger was alleady eaten. that's when police say leon tarted yelling... hrre his soda at the managee... and damaged the cashhregister. "it justtseems like ovve the top. they're a mcdonald's, going fast-you know-it just- things happen. it was unddserve" undeservee."leon is now facing disorderly conducttnt, americans are expected to year!how uch money people are expected to shell out for costumes, decoratiins and candy... for he ghoulish holid. holiday. ((break 1)) aú can
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forecast crab. crab.predicting blue the weather "baltimore bill"...
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&pwell, we've got... february? cornered o hasstheemarket punxatawney phil ((break 1)) punxatawney phil has the market cornered on wildlife wants to wait until february? predicting blue crab.altimore - crab.he can forecaattthh weatherrby wwich way he jumps into the harbor...on one side... a waam fall..on the other... and early &phere is what he predict announcer: "and, he's off. baltimore bill is taking off and he's right foo the early winter, and he's gone!" gooe!" took him four seconds to faal off ttheright side of the plank-- heading out to warrer waters at sea.
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3 3sea.warmmr waters at heading out to of the plank-- off the right side seconds o fall it took him four wasted no time. ggne!"for the early winter, and taking off aad he's right announcer: "and, he's off..baltimore bill ii taking off and he's right for the early winter, and he's gone!" gone!""baltimore bill" wassed po took him four seconds to fall off tte right side off he plank-- heading out to warmer waters at sea. ((2-shot toss o weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 & p(traffic reporter ad libs)) map bel aar map quarantine ap
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fiber 3 33 3- areeyou our biggeet fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day!
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everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our facebook page... and feature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. state."when my opponent said let detroit go bankrupt (boos) don't boo, vote, "the differencee etween me and president obbma is i know what it takes tooget thh eccnomy going (cheers)" picked the winning thatthas - pressdential caadidate every election for the past twelve electionss... no candidaae wants to taae that state for gr. granted.and later...overdraat bank ffes... are on the much money they're brrnging in...aad how you can avoid them. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. 3
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when one state has pickeddthe every election for the past te twelve elections .. no candidate waats to take that state for emily schmidt reports... president obama and mmtt romney both went to ohio yesterday... hoping to gain some ground in a critical swing state. state. --reporter pkg-as follows -- ohho has about 11 and a hhlf million people, 11 electoral votes, and --two candidates
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hoping to win over the buckeye state."we will win ohio, let's take back america!""unless you live under a rock, or your cable went out, you know &pthere's annelection going on in ttrned loccl---with five stops - betweennthe candidates. mitt romney was near columbus, green, and kent--focusing on mi opponent said let detroit go bankrupt (boos) don't boo, vote, he was betting against an indussry ttat supports one out of eeght ohio jobs." "the difference betwwen me and president obama is iiknow what it takessto get the conomy the economy mattees to them. romney argues his business experience makee hii the best choice--but latest polls
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suggest voters think mr. obama would do a etter job. a cnn averrge of four recent found 51 percent of likkly - voters support president obama romney. "my friend mike rowe." one of romney's events wednesday was at a business leaders and t-v host mike rowe...he's a man known ffr taking on tough jobs ... but n ohio , he's overshadowed byythe two other even tougher. innwashington, i'm mily schmidt.-----end----- cnn..criptt---- the push for ohio vottrs s pspecially timely... even thought it's about 40 daas until the general election,, early voting ii ohio begins in a week....leaving little time to win over the firsttvoters. 3more people are pending they don't have! have!how much money... americans are racking u in overdraft fees. ((break 3)) -reporter pkg-as follows --so
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much for fiscal responsibility. a new study shows overdraft is making a comeback as more and more americans dip their ccecking accoonts - into peeative terrrrity. bank research firm moebs serrices says this past yyar alone -- thhn $31 billion in overdraft fees.thaa's up sharply from 2011. moebs says there are 144 million consumer checking accounts -- and of that &pnuuber, bout a quarter are frequent overdraft users.thee fiim oints to a few factors for the ballooning figure. much fasttr now -- so money coosumer's account. so people may think they have more time to add funds in... butt instead, a check thee've written clears overnight and they overdraw.rising debit card use is also a 2011 debit card transactions made upp43% of all paymenns. thhse payments clear even &pfaster than checks, and aae harder for a lot of consumers still wonder if theerise in overdrafts isn't the fault of
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shady bank praatices.for baaks -- it's an easy way to make the aaerage overdraft penalty sits at $$0 - and that can aad how do you avood getting hit with a ffe?moebs sayss consumers needdto be more informed about heir account to set up text and e-mail t is - alerts that notify you when your account is negative.that way your four dollar coofee won't end up costtng you four timee as much. i'm alisoo kosikkin new york. -----end-----cnn.script----- a popular seven year old... is staying around or a. awhile.nats of show showw-l-c has rdered more episodes of "here comes honey boo boo".find out how many millions of viewers... are tuning in every week!
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